There are a ton of reasons to visit Nosara, and we’re lucky to call this beautiful place home. Come experience it for yourself, and find your own reason to fall in love with our little corner of Costa Rica. Here are just a few of the things that our friendly front desk team can help you plan while you’re here:

Surf Lessons

Always dreamed of being a surfer? Playa Guiones is the perfect place to learn! And year-round warm water means no wetsuit required. We can help set you up with lessons and coaching no matter what level of experience you have. 

Kayaking and Stand Up Paddling

Head down to the river to paddle quietly alongside birds & wildlife (yes, maybe even a crocodile!) as you’re guided through a beautiful mangrove forest.


Traverse mountain ridges and valleys with vistas of rivers and the Pacific Ocean on one of the longest canopy tours in the world.

Turtle Arribada

It’s an incredible experience to see hundreds of sea turtles pull themselves onto shore at nearby Ostional during their mass nesting periods, or arribadas. Around 45 days later, the hatchlings make their dash across the beach to the sea. Peak nesting season is September through November.

Horseback Riding

Enjoy a quiet evening horseback ride or a scenic trek around the area. The small Costa Rican horses are well trained and well cared for by local ranchers.