Our COVID-19 Health and Safety Procedures


The Sunset Shack has always prioritized the well-being of our guests, staff, and community.


Below you’ll find a complete summary of our COVID safety procedures, which have been thoughtfully designed in accordance with Costa Rican Ministry of Health official guidelines. Additionally, our procedures have been reviewed and approved by epidemiologist David Hamer of Boston University.


We hope to see you soon.


Our Guests:

  • All guests must follow our COVID procedures in order to stay at the hotel. By making a reservation with us, they agree to the following:
    • To wear face masks while moving through public areas.
    • To maintain 2 meters (6 feet) of physical distance between themselves and those who are not in their group.
    • To let us know if they experience any COVID like symptoms just before or during their stay. (Self screening and reporting of symptoms is our most effective tool for identifying potential cases.)
    • To wash their hands frequently, and follow basic good hygiene guidelines.
  • We take this agreement seriously! Those who choose not to follow these procedures will have their reservations cancelled, and must leave the property.
  • We kindly encourage our guests to protect the health of our staff and community by following these guidelines in other places they may visit outside the hotel.
  • If a guest becomes ill or has suspicious symptoms, we will ask them to remain in their room and will call the doctor immediately. If it is evaluated to be a suspected case, a COVID test will be administered.
  • If a guest is determined to be COVID positive, the guests and cohabitant(s) will be quarantined in their room for 10 days, as required by the CR Ministry of Health. Meals will be delivered to the room for the duration of the quarantine.
  • We are committed to ensuring a guest who must quarantine gets the proper attention and care while staying with us.
  • The guest shall be responsible for paying hotel accommodation and meal costs during the quarantine period. The Sunset Shack is not responsible for any related travel insurance claim and reimbursement.


Around the Hotel:

  • We will be doing extra cleanings in all public and high touch areas.
  • Daily housekeeping is provided, though guests may choose to have less frequent or no room cleaning if desired.
  • Housekeeping will always wear face coverings when cleaning a room, and will only enter when the guest is out.
  • Each room, including the individual AC unit, is thoroughly disinfected between stays.
  • Rooms will be aired out for 2-4 hours after each stay to ensure a complete air exchange.
  • Minibar items are only available by request, and paper menus and forms will be in electronic format.
  • Public areas will be arranged to reduce total capacity and meet physical distancing guidelines. We kindly ask Al Chile guests not to move the restaurant tables and chairs around as they have been set up to meet 50% occupancy rules.
  • Even with strict safety protocols in place, COVID transmission in Nosara is still a risk. The Sunset Shack is not responsible for anyone contracting COVID-19.


Our Team:

  • Our staff has worked extensively with our local doctor Alejandro Gutierrez to learn and practice procedures for reducing the spread of the virus, both at the hotel and at home.
  • We have ongoing covid safety training for our staff.
  • Staff members have their temperatures taken daily, and are trained to self-screen and report any COVID suspicious symptoms.

Face coverings will be worn by all staff members at all times, and frequent hand washing is required.